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they all choose the austrian mattress


why is ody's mattress good?

no.1 the design of each mattress is designed by the technical research team through the system collection data, can meet your needs to a large extent, to create a good sleeping environment for you to sleep better, sleep be healthier.

good mattresses have two main criteria:

  * the spine remains straight and stretched regardless of the sleeping position;

* the pressure is equal, and people lying on the body can fully relax.

no.2 the various functions of each mattress are made for the most common problems and requirements of the current crowd, such as the discomfort of the spine or the refreshing sleep environment like formaldehyde.

no.3 our mattress covers every age layer, from baby mattresses to aged mattresses, to meet your different needs at different times and to protect your spine at different times. believe in the austrian, give you the comfort.

no.4 we focus on mattress for 15 years, have excellent team and perfect after-sales treatment. solve all kinds of mattresses and sleep problems for you.