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maintenance of soft bed and maintenance of bedding


1. many consumers who are enamored with soft beds will have concerns about difficult to care for soft beds and difficult to clean. the coat of the general fabric bed can be freely disassembled, but it is best to dry clean. if necessary, you can also spend a few hundred dollars to prepare a washable jacket for the fabric bed according to the season. in most cases, the leather bed jacket cannot be dismantled at will, but it is only necessary to wipe it with a rag and a general detergent.

2. how to clean bedding

when high-grade cotton bedding is cleaned, there will be different degrees of shrinkage under normal conditions. cotton products are easy to wrinkle, less elastic, acid and alkali resistant, so it is not suitable for long-term treatment at temperatures above 100 °c. neutral detergent should be used, bleaching agent should not be used, and the water temperature should be below 30 °c. after drying, iron at medium temperature, fold and store in a dry place.

3. about the cleaning of the pillow

latex pillows should be soaked in cold wash, gently pressed by hand and then rinsed repeatedly with water. then wrap it in cloth and absorb most of the water, then let it dry in a cool place. be careful not to expose to the sun in order to avoid deterioration of the material.

down pillow, because the feather is easy to get into the water, so it can't be washed under water. you can gently pat the pillow with your hands to keep it fluffy, and take it to the air to remove the sweat and water vapor. if the pillow is really dirty, it can be sent to a professional cleaning company for cleaning.